NPRNational Public Radio,即美國國家公共電臺的簡稱。雖然名稱是“公共”電臺,但是它實際上是一個完全獨立的廣播實體。


NPR在線收聽:Under U.K. Law, Jail Time For Psychologically Abusive Partners2015-12-31
A new law in the United Kingdom aims to help people trapped in an abusive marriage, even without physical abuse. The legislation makes it illegal for spouses to psychologically bully their partners.
NPR在線收聽:War Crime Investigations Among France's Release Of Vichy Documents2015-12-31
During World War II, the Vichy regime helped Nazi Germany deport 76,000 Jews from France. Robert Siegel talks to Robert Paxton about France opening up police and ministerial archives from the regime.
NPR在線收聽:Draft Of CDC's New Prescribing Guidelines Stirs Debate2015-12-31
Since 1999, prescription opioid sales have quadrupled in the U.S. Now, as the country faces an epidemic of prescription drug abuse, doctors are divided over how much prescriptions are the problem.
NPR在線收聽:Startup Aims To Give Classical Musicians An Online Bump2015-12-31
For classical musicians, it's difficult to sell their work online because of how the music is tagged on apps like Spotify. A tech startup in Nashville is trying to change that.
NPR在線收聽:2 Willful Leaders Heighten Tensions Between Russia, Turkey2015-12-30
Near the end of this year saw a collision between the headstrong leaders of two powerful countries: Russia and Turkey. There are worries that a Russo-Turkish feud could escalate.
NPR在線收聽:Inmate Allowed To Compete In TV's 'Voice Of Georgia'2015-12-30
Prison officials allowed her to compete under armed guard, according to the BBC. And though she did not win the contest, the country's prisons minister announced she was being released on parole.
NPR在線收聽:Tornado Victims In North Texas Recall Train Sound As They Sought Shelter2015-12-30
At least 11 people died when tornadoes plowed through North Texas on the night after Christmas. At least eight of them were killed when a tornado picked their vehicles off a highway east of Dallas.
NPR在線收聽:Buying A New Car Can Trim Your Carbon Footprint, But There's More To It2015-12-30
If you drive an older, less efficient vehicle, ever think about swapping it for a new, more efficient one? It's a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. But there are a lot of factors to consider.
NPR在線收聽:Latest Chicago Police Shooting Ramps Up Calls For Mayor To Step Down2015-12-30
About 100 people gathered Sunday outside the home where police shot and killed two people early Saturday. The Cook County medical examiner's office has listed the manner of both deaths as homicides.
NPR在線收聽:Paid Family Leave Gains Ground For Private, Public Sector Workers2015-12-30
This was a big year in paid leave policies, especially among private firms. Some cities and states also passed bills to expand parental leave ahead of Congress, which is considering the Family Act.
NPR在線收聽:Investor Hindsight: Lego Sets Are Better Than Gold2015-12-30
Looking over investment opportunities since the millennium, The Telegraph newspaper reports that gold brought in an annual average return of 9.5 percent. Lego sets returned an average of 12 percent.
NPR在線收聽:Experts Explain Why 2015 Is A Warm One For Earth's Climate2015-12-30
This Year will likely be the hottest year on record. Climate change is partly to blame, but so is El Nino. That's the weather pattern from the Pacific that affects weather in the America's as well.
NPR在線收聽:As Justice Department Opens Investigation, New Police Shootings In Chicago2015-12-29
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with WBEZ reporter Linda Lutton to give us the latest on the Chicago police shootings.
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